Mad Max director George Miller says 130 days of Stunts made him Anxious

Cannes: George Miller, the director of ‘Mad Max: Fury Road’, has spoken about the lengthy schedule of stunts in the film which left him anxious. The stunts scenes for the film were shot for around 130 days.

George Miller has 4 sequels of Mad Max trilogy on cards

George Miller has 4 sequels of Mad Max trilogy on cards

The film sees Mad Max, now played by Tom Hardy, team up with Imperator Furiosa to whisk away several young wives of Immortal Joe, a nefarious leader in an apocalyptic future. As the pair race away from Immortal Joe, they are pursued by him and his many underlings in their souped up cars. What ensues are numerous action sequences with explosive results. “That was the biggest problem,” said Miller.

“For 130 days every day we were doing big stunts and a lot of them and the biggest anxiety in the pit of my stomach was how do we not hurt anyone today and we had a wonderful stunt crew and rigging crew and special effects crew and we were very very meticulous and rigorous about our processes, like a military exercise and even after the fatigue set in after months of shooting we made sure that everything was done.” ‘Mad Max: Fury Road’ has opened in cinemas across the world.