Taiwanese Man builds Iron Man’s Suit and Armour for $164 only

Taiwanese Wu You-ting has taken Iron Man fanaticism to a whole new level. After seeing the film’s third installment, the 28-year-old was inspired to build his own suit of armour.

With the help of his friend Guo Weng-Sheng, it took approximately eight weeks and $164 dollars (USD) to build the custom Iron Man suit. The duo combed the Internet and searched through fan websites to get ideas.

The Iron Man of Taiwanese Wu You-ting

The Iron Man of Taiwanese Wu You-ting

Wu did most of the molding and cutting for the polyester putty-made suit, while Guo designed and rigged many of the lights and electronic mechanisms.

He occasionally wears the suit in public and draws onlookers, and it’s easy to see why.

The Iron Man suit’s “Ark Reactor”, the center chestpiece of the suit, glows, and the LED lights on his palms and helmet light up, just as actor Robert Downy Jr. demonstrates in the film.

The helmet can also open and close at the click of a button.

But Wu will have to work harder to get his suit closer to the real thing. Marvel’s official website notes that the original Iron Man in the suit measures a total of 1.98 metres (6’6″) while Wu only stands at a total of 1.65 metres (5’4″).