Schools and Colleges re-open in Kathmandu after a month of deadly earthquake

Kathmandu, June 01 (ANI): Schools across Nepal re-opened after a massive earthquake hit the country on April 25 killing more than 8,600 and leaving towns devastated. Officials have said around 8,000 schools were damaged by the 7.8-magnitude tremor.

The reopening of schools was initially planned for May 17, but a 7.4-magnitude quake rattled the country on May 12 and the opening was pushed back to the end of the month. Schools and relief organizations have been fixing and building make-shift classrooms in preparation of resumption of classes.

UNICEF has built numerous Temporary Learning Centers using local materials such as bamboo, to replace the damaged schools. Early on Sunday, school buses picked up children and brought them to school where students were reunited with their friends and teachers. No formal classes were planned for Sunday at most schools.

Many children, as well as adults have been traumatized by the disaster and have little time to overcome what they experienced due to continuing aftershocks.

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