Shopify-Pinterest Deal: How to monetize your Pinterest using Buy it button?

E-Commerce giant Shopify has become the first to offer Buy Button on Pinterest allowing merchants to sell their products directly on Pinterest. With a few clicks you can turn your pinterest photo album into a fully fledged E-Commerce Website. This would be a great experience for Shoppers who find clothes, jewelleries, households items on Pinterest but do not know where to buy.

The Pinterest Buyit button allows express Checkout

The Pinterest Buyit button allows express Checkout

The Buyable Pins Feature would be rolled out in few Weeks. Pinterest would offer this feature on its iOS app followed by Android App and Desktop Website.

This will allow Shopify’s 165,000 merchants to integrate Buyable Pins into their Pinterest Store without any extra cost.

Below is a Step by Step Guide to Integrate Pinterest to your Shopify Account.

1. You must have a Shopify Account. Sign up for Shopify if you do not have one.

2. Create a Pinterest Account.

3. Create a Store in Shopify Admin Panel

4. Once your Store in Ready and have uploaded the required number of products, add the new Pinterest sales channel to your account. This will become active in few weeks.

5. This will enable Buyable Pins for all of their products found on Pinterest. All Pinterest orders, products and customers will automatically be synchronized with Shopify.

For users, they will see a blue colored ‘Buy it’ button on Pinterest. The Blue Color Button means that the product is available for purchase. Once they click it, they will be redirected to Express Checkout on Pinterest where they can pay via Credit Card, Apple Pay, Google Wallet or other payment methods. It would be a seamless experience as if the product was bought directly from the Shopify Store.

Shopify Stores receive a large number of orders from Pinterest users. According to an infographic, the average order value of sales referred from Pinterest to Shopify stores is $50. Pinterest is also the second-highest driver of all social referral traffic to Shopify stores, next to Facebook.