Facebook Down: The Cause of Global Outage on September 28th, 2015

Social Networking Website Facebook.com was unavailable for around 40 minutes on September 28th, 2015. The outage was global and caused a widespread outcry among the social media users.

Most users saw an error message that read “Sorry, something went wrong. We’re working on it and we’ll get it fixed as soon as we can.” Facebook’s shares went down nearly 4% at $89.25 (£58.83) shortly after the site went down.

“A Facebook-wide issue is causing the Facebook Graph API to be temporarily unavailable. We’re working with our core infrastructure teams to identify the issue and will update you when we have more information.”, Facebook’s platform team posted confirming the global outage of Facebook.

Tech blog Techcrunch also confirmed that Facebook was down. “We don’t usually raise our eyebrows too high when Facebook goes down for a minute, but it’s been in and out for a good 20 (update: 30!) minutes now. For a company that makes millions in revenue per day, every minute is tens of thousands of dollars in ad revenue lost.”, it days

“We are currently restoring Facebook services that people had trouble accessing earlier today due to a configuration,” said a Facebook spokesman.

Many businesses which depend on Facebook were widely affected. “Yes, it was down and for those who earn their bread and butter by Facebook, it is a nightmare. Facebook was down for almost thirty minutes and then it was up for a min and then again down and right now also the traffic hasn’t increased on the website”, Raghav Gakhar, a Social Media Manager posted on Quora.

An estimate says that Facebook loses $ 1,700,000.00 dollars everyone hour if it’s down.

The Hashtag #facebookdown was trending on Twitter. Here is how Twitter users reacted to this historic event 🙂

Sam ‏@SoGe89: People screaming, walking & crying on streets, holding their pictures & asking “Do you like my photo? Do you?” #FacebookDown

Sarah Baugh ‏@HappySquirrel91 So many babies will be born 9 months from today #facebookdown

Sir Ravindra Jadeja ‏@SirJadeja Oh no, Facebook’s down. Now how will I see all those pics of fake smiles and fake happiness with fake friends. #facebookdown

AN†HONY DOES ‏@anthonydoes #facebookdown is not a News Story. The fact that Twitter agrees to take in 40,000 Facebook refugees now that’s big news.

Lola’s For Bernie ‏@Ontheotherhand “How did you survive during the great #facebookdown event of 2015, Grandma?” “I switched to Twitter. Fewer relatives. More cursing.”