What is Landfill Salad and how is it prepared?

Ever Since UN Chief Ban Ki Moon served Landfill Salad to his guests, the craze of this dish has gained momentum. People across the world are opting for this vegetarian item and its demand has risen. The Lunch comprised of vegetable scraps and rejected apples, and burgers with bruised beet ketchup and pickled cucumber scraps, to bring attention to the impact of food waste on climate change.

Why is it called Landfill Salad?

This type of Salad is produced from food that would otherwise end up in landfills, thus it is called Landfill Salad. The “Landfill Salad” was made from unwanted vegetable scraps, stalks and outer leaves salvaged from the waste of big food producers, and liquid drained from a can of chickpeas. These items would otherwise end up in landfills, emitting methane, a potent greenhouse gas,

Why is it important?

More than a third of all food produced worldwide — over one billion tons of edible food each year — goes to waste,” said Ban. That is shameful when so many people suffer from hunger. According to UN figures, 28 per cent of agricultural lands around the world go to produce food that is lost or wasted.

The loss each year is the equivalent of 3.3 billion tonnes of carbon responsible for climate change — which would make food waste, if it were a nation, the biggest emitter after China and the United States.

The elimination of food waste is in fact an ancient rather than modern idea, as cooks historically would use everything edible at their disposal.