Smart Wishlist app launched for Shopify e-commerce Stores

Smart Wishlist app has been launched for Shopify, a leading cloud-based, multi-channel e-commerce platform. This gives Shopify users exclusive access to tons of features of Smart Wishlist, before it gets launched for other e-commerce platforms like Bigcommerce.

In a Press Statement, the makers of Smart Wishlist said that it has revolutionized the concept of Wishlists by localizing the user data, making it 80% faster compared to other wishlists used in e-Commerce today. While traditional wishlists communicate with server every time a new item gets added to it which degrades the user experience, Smart Wishlist saves the same in User’s Client, typically the Browser.

A Screenshot of Smart Wishlist Page

A Screenshot of Store running Smart Wishlist app

The most important feature of Smart Wishlist is that items can be added to it without user logging in to his account. There is always a category of shoppers who do not want to register and login on websites, they often opt for express Checkout. Unfortunately, such customers cannot avail the wishlist feature on most e-commerce websites, as the later requires signup and login. Smart Wishlist solves this problem by letting the shopper create & add to wishlist, without him or her logging in.

Our Team did an comprehensive review of Smart Wishlist app and found it highly suitable for online stores. In fact,the app gets installed in minutes and is extremely easy to configure from the backend. Almost each and every aspect of the front-end can be customized using the backend. Anyone without any knowledge of HTML/CSS Coding can easily set it up to Shopify based Stores.

One aspect which sparked our interest is that the Smart Wishlist app offers up to 10 different icons to be displayed for ‘Add to Wishlist’ button. The Twitter styled heart icon however is the default one. It also offers a Facebook styled notification on the Top which displays the total number of items present in the wishlist.

The price for Smart Wishlist is currently $4.99 which is considerably less than most of the wishlists available on Shopify App Store. Moreover the makers are offering a 30 day trial period, which is double than what other Shopify apps offer.

The App works on both secured HTTPS and plain HTTP environment and gets adapted automatically according to the request from the client(browser). This is important as Shopify has recently rolled out free SSL certificates for all its Stores, in a bid to make the Web transactions secure. Many stores are in the process of migrating to secured HTTPS, but serve plain HTTP request as well.

The only thing which concerned us is its dependency on the user client (browser). The wishlist items added on one browser cannot be fetched if user visits the same store from some other browser on the same computer. The makers however downplay this concern citing that percentage of such users is very low and is unlikely to affect the overall user experience. According to our opinion, this is a technical limitation as the data resides locally on user’s web browser. This is something, the makers had to forego in their bid to make it more user-friendly.

Summing up, the Smart Wishlist app is a path-breaking idea which defies the conventional wishlist workflow. It is fast, more intimidating and user friendly. On a scale of 1 to 5, we shall award it 4.8, something a must have for all Shopify Stores.