Indian Government to provide Secure Email Ids to its 50 Lakh Officials

s part of the mandate under the Digital India program, Government will provide a secure eMail service to all its officials for secure communication. As of now the service will be offered to 5 million users. Currently the user base is 1.6 million

In accordance with the eMail policy of the Government an email id will be assigned to all Government officials at the Centre and State through National Informatics Centre.

The primary trigger behind the policy was Government data which resides on servers outside India and on servers beyond the control of the Government of India.

Service offering:

1.Largest service of its kind for the Government with a user base of 5 million

2. Rich user experience with a streamlined browser interface that provides natural conversation; enables rich compose, drag and drop; sophisticated and easy-to customize filters, management and search of large inboxes of email and voicemail messages, multiple calendars, contacts and task lists.

3.Enhanced security authentication mechanisms for users with geo-fencing and device mapping. Centralized email architecture across the Government would make the process of ensuring a robust security mechanism for Government data.

Primary domain as “” and a Roadmap to include local languages and सरकार.भारत domain

This service will increase the productivity and become a step towards the “Green Government” as all official communication will be done using eMail. A pilot of the service has already been deployed and running for a select user base which includes senior officials.

This Service will be a National resource that will help Government of India employees to be better informed, productive, and more responsive in their interactions with others.