Pakistan Govt sponsored Death Squad shoots 4 year old Girl in Balochistan

Balochistan (Pakistan): A gang of criminals, commonly known as “Death Squad” have shot a 4 year old girl Barmsh. As per local news reports, they attacked her family, in which her mother was shot dead, while the 4 year old girl Barmsh Baloch is fighting for life in a Karachi hospital.

The incident happened on May 26, in village of Dannuk, tehsil Turbat in Balochistan region of Pakistan. A young woman named Malik Naz was sleeping with her family members in the house. At around 3 AM in the morning, a group of “armed men” broke into the house, woke everyone up and ordered all men to step aside. One of the family members managed to escape out and called the locals. They surrounded the house and asked the “armed men” to surrender. However, the armed men started firing on the house members and during the chaos all except one managed to escape. A person captured has been identified as Altaf Mazar.

Little Girl Barmsh Baloch fighting for life in a hospital bed
Little Girl Barmsh Baloch fighting for life in a hospital in Karachi, Pakistan

In all probability, it appeared to be a case of usual robbery, until it was discovered that the armed men were part of “Death Squad” operating under the patronage of Pakistan Army and the local Government. Recently, Pakistan Army and its Intelligence Wing (ISI) have created a number of criminal outfits whose sole purpose is to murder people demanding independence from Pakistan, in an extra judicial manner. These people have been colloquially called “Death Squads”. They have been given free hand and often rob various families to fund their operations. They are allowed to carry heavy weapons and terrorise local people. Among other things, their job is to force locals to vote for candidates endorsed by Pakistan Army in the local elections.

The confessions of the captured terrorist Altaf Mazar revealed that he worked for a local politician named Mir Sameer Sabzal (belonging to the ruling Balochistan Awami Party), who is well connected to Pakistan Army. In various pics, he could be seen with personnels of Pakistan Army.

Within days of the incident, the official Instagram account of Sameer Sabzal posted a story which translated into “All people are herewith warned that everyone who uses social media to share posts deemed against the state of Pakistan and its security forces are under close watch and will face extreme repercussions because for the safety and peace of the state no one will be forgiven”

Meanwhile, the little girl Barmsh is fighting for her in a hospital in Karachi.