From Silicon Valley to Noida: Synopsys Chip Design Center Blazes a Trail in India

As the sun rises over Noida today, a beacon of innovation will be ignited at DLF Tech Park. Union Minister of State Rajeev Chandrasekhar will officially inaugurate Synopsys’ new Chip Design Centre, marking a crucial moment in India’s journey towards digital self-reliance.

Synopsys, a legendary name in Electronic Design Automation (EDA), has been instrumental in orchestrating the evolution of chip design since 1986. Their pioneering techniques transformed the industry, pushing the boundaries of complexity in harmony with Moore’s Law. With relentless commitment to research and development, and strategic acquisitions, Synopsys has cemented its position as a global leader, offering a comprehensive design portfolio from silicon to software.

India’s prowess in VLSI/Chip design is undeniable, accounting for 20% of the global talent pool. Synopsys recognizes this potential, making Noida its second-largest design center outside its headquarters. With 1,650 engineers initially, this center promises to expand even further, fostering a vibrant ecosystem of innovation and expertise.

Beyond merely employing Indian talent, Synopsys empowers them to shape the future of technology. Our engineers contribute to every facet of the design cycle, leaving their mark on the success stories of leading semiconductor companies. This talent becomes the cornerstone of Prime Minister Modi’s vision – “Design in India” – a vision actively championed by Minister Chandrasekhar through initiatives like SemiconIndia futureDESIGN and the India Semiconductor Research Center.

The inauguration of Synopsys’ Noida center is not just a ribbon-cutting ceremony; it’s a declaration of intent. It’s a pledge to unleash the digital dreams of a nation, fueled by the brilliance of its people and the transformative power of technology. In the heart of Noida, tomorrow, a chip will be designed, not just for functionality, but for a future where India leads the way.