Patna’s Sky-High Tribute: Bapu Tower Nears Completion, Ready to Celebrate Gandhi’s Legacy

Patna’s skyline is soon to be graced by a towering tribute to Mahatma Gandhi, with the majestic Bapu Tower nearing completion. This Rs. 85 crore project, envisioned by Chief Minister Nitish Kumar, stands as a colossal testament to the Mahatma’s enduring legacy in Bihar.

Bapu Tower Patna under construction

Rising 120 feet above the Gardnibagh area, Bapu Tower is more than just a museum; it’s a vibrant tapestry woven with Gandhi’s life and values. Spread across seven floors, each level offers a unique immersive experience:

  • Ground Floor: Witness history come alive through captivating turntable theater shows.
  • First Floor: Confront the seven sins Gandhi deemed detrimental to progress, prompting introspection.
  • Second Floor: Immerse yourself in the turbulent year of 1934 through evocative paintings.
  • Third Floor: Retrace the footsteps of the iconic Salt March and delve into the significance of Khadi.
  • Fourth Floor: Relive the pivotal Quit India Movement that resonated across the nation.
  • Fifth Floor: Travel back to Gandhi’s formative years, exploring his childhood and early revolutionary spirit.
  • Sixth Floor: Unravel the captivating personal stories that shaped the Mahatma, offering a glimpse into his human side.

Bapu Tower’s aspirations extend beyond commemoration. Lush gardens surrounding the tower echo Gandhi’s reverence for nature, promoting environmental awareness. The project is also expected to be a boon for Patna’s cultural landscape, attracting visitors and potentially creating local employment opportunities.

Though initial criticism regarding budget allocation and construction delays cast a shadow, Bapu Tower stands poised to overcome these challenges. Its impending completion promises to not only ignite cultural tourism in Patna but also serve as a powerful reminder of Gandhi’s timeless principles for generations to come.