Unveiling the Ravi K. Mehrotra Institute for Business, Markets, and Society

Boston University has unveiled the Ravi K. Mehrotra Institute for Business, Markets, and Society (IBMS) at Questrom School of Business, marking a historic moment in understanding and advancing the role of business in shaping individual prosperity, societal progress, and global solutions.

The IBMS emerged from a core commitment to demystifying the intricate interdependencies between business and markets, and their contributions to individual well-being, societal strides, and global challenges. It envisioned a future where the immense potential of business for positive change was universally recognized and harnessed.

Dr. Ravi K. Mehrotra, Founder and Executive Chairman of the Foresight Group International Limited, serves as the visionary force behind the IBMS. His entrepreneurial spirit and commitment to social responsibility, exemplified by Foresight Group’s success, inspire the Institute’s mission.

“Questrom, with its innovative curriculum and distinguished faculty, offered the ideal platform for the IBMS,” stated Dr. Mehrotra. “This institute bridged crucial gaps in understanding, nurturing a more informed, ethical, and sustainable approach to commerce and economics.”

Kenneth Freeman, then President ad interim of Boston University, recognized the IBMS as a significant addition to the University’s research and education mission, perfectly aligning with Dr. Mehrotra’s emphasis on “knowledge is powerful.”

Dean Susan Fournier of Questrom School of Business highlighted the crucial timing of the IBMS, aligning seamlessly with contemporary conversations on business’s societal impact. “We leveraged rigorous research, open dialogue, and data-driven analysis to illuminate the intricate relationship between business and value creation for society,” she affirmed.

The Ravi K. Mehrotra Institute for Business, Markets, and Society stands as a beacon of knowledge and opportunity. By equipping current and future leaders with the necessary understanding, the IBMS strives to make business a driving force for positive change, shaping a more prosperous and equitable future for all.