NORD Unveils Two New Drive Solutions for Streamlined Warehouse Logistics

NORD Drivesystems, a leading provider of industrial gearboxes and motors, has announced the launch of two new drive solutions specifically designed for the demanding world of warehouse logistics. Dubbed LogiDrive Advanced and LogiDrive Basic, these solutions offer customers a choice between maximum energy efficiency or cost-effectiveness, all while maintaining the reliability and compact design that NORD is known for.

From chain and roller conveyors to belt and pallet systems, warehouse operations rely on robust drives to keep goods moving efficiently. Both LogiDrive solutions address this need, offering reliable power, user-friendly installation, and minimal footprint.

For businesses prioritizing energy savings and CO2 reduction, LogiDrive Advanced stands out. Equipped with a highly efficient IE5+ synchronous motor and a specially designed NORDAC ON+ frequency inverter, this solution delivers top-notch performance across a wide range of speeds and loads. Additionally, the reduced number of drive variants in large systems with LogiDrive Advanced leads to streamlined logistics and lower administrative costs.

Focusing on budget-conscious operations, LogiDrive Basic offers an IE3 asynchronous motor and the NORDAC ON inverter. While not achieving the peak efficiency of its advanced counterpart, Basic impresses with its competitive price point and compliance with all essential warehouse application standards. Its large adjustment range ensures versatility for various needs.

The choice between LogiDrive Advanced and Basic ultimately comes down to individual priorities. Both solutions come equipped with a frequency inverter featuring a multi-protocol Ethernet interface and boast international certifications for global use. This ensures seamless integration and compatibility for businesses of all sizes.

With the launch of LogiDrive, NORD empowers warehouse operators to choose the drive solution that best aligns with their specific needs and budget, ultimately optimizing efficiency and profitability.