Focus on Preventive Care: New Institutes to Offer Naturopathy, Yoga Education and Treatment

Pune, Maharashtra & Jhajjar, Haryana: In a significant boost to India’s holistic healthcare landscape, Prime Minister Narendra Modi will virtually inaugurate two new institutes on February 25th, 2024. These institutes, established under the Ministry of Ayush, aim to enhance research, education, and clinical care in the field of traditional medicine.


The National Institute of Naturopathy (NIN) in Pune, Maharashtra, will be titled ‘NISARG GRAM’. This 25-acre facility encompasses a 250-bed hospital, a multi-disciplinary research and extension service center, and a naturopathy medical college offering undergraduate, postgraduate, and paramedical courses. The college also boasts residential and non-residential facilities, including hostels, an auditorium, a yoga hall, cottages, and the historic Gandhi Memorial Hall. This project represents an investment of INR 213.55 crore.

Central Research Institute of Yoga & Naturopathy in Jhajjar

In Haryana, the Prime Minister will inaugurate the ‘Central Research Institute of Yoga & Naturopathy’ (CRIYN) situated in Deverkhana village, Jhajjar. This institute, established under the aegis of the Ministry of Ayush, serves as an apex-level research and education facility for yoga and naturopathy. The project encompasses a 19-acre campus featuring a 200-bed hospital with OPD, treatment block, academic block, hostels, residential blocks, yoga block, and a dedicated diet block. The total cost of this project is INR 63.88 crore.

Significance of these Institutes

The establishment of NIN’s NISARG GRAM and CRIYN marks a crucial step forward in promoting holistic healthcare through traditional medicine systems. These institutes will utilize various approaches like hydrotherapy, massage, clinical nutrition, and yoga therapy to address emerging healthcare challenges, particularly the rise of non-communicable diseases (NCDs). With their advanced infrastructure and educational programs, these institutes empower individuals to prioritize their well-being and embrace a holistic approach to healthcare.