Divine Descent: PM Modi Makes Historic Underwater Pilgrimage in Dwarka

Dwarka, Gujarat – February 25, 2024: In a unique and highly publicized event, Prime Minister Narendra Modi undertook a deep-sea dive off the coast of Dwarka, Gujarat, to offer prayers at the site believed to be the submerged ancient city of Dwarka.

Dwarka holds immense significance in Hindu sattology as the legendary kingdom established by Lord Krishna. The city, believed to have been built around 3,300 years ago, is said to have submerged into the sea after Krishna’s departure from Earth.

Donning scuba gear, PM Modi descended into the Arabian Sea and offered prayers at the underwater site. He described the experience as “profoundly divine” and expressed feeling connected to “an ancient era of spiritual grandeur and timeless devotion.” He also shared pictures on social media, showcasing him underwater amidst the remnants of the submerged city.

While the existence of a submerged city at Dwarka remains a subject of ongoing debate and archaeological exploration, several underwater structures have been identified near the coast. These findings, including submerged pillars and temple formations, have fueled the belief in the legendary city’s existence.

PM Modi’s underwater visit has reignited public interest in the legend of Dwarka and the ongoing archaeological efforts to unravel its mysteries. The event has also sparked discussions about the delicate balance between religious faith, historical exploration, and environmental responsibility.

  • The exact location of the underwater prayers remains undisclosed for security reasons.
  • PM Modi has previously expressed his deep reverence for Lord Krishna and his connection to Dwarka.
  • The Archaeological Survey of India (ASI) has conducted several underwater explorations near Dwarka, with ongoing efforts to further understand the submerged structures.

This event highlights the intersection of faith, history, and contemporary politics in India. While the Prime Minister’s actions have generated varied reactions, the incident undoubtedly sheds light on the enduring cultural significance of Dwarka and the ongoing quest to unravel its historical secrets.