Prime Minister Modi to Lay Foundation Stone of Shri Kalki Dham in Sambhal

Prime Minister Narendra Modi has accepted an invitation to lay the foundation stone of the upcoming Shri Kalki Dham spiritual complex in Sambhal, Uttar Pradesh. The ceremony is scheduled for February 19th and is expected to draw a large crowd, including around 5000 saints and seers from across the country.

A meeting held on Monday at the construction site outlined the plan for the event. Achary Pramod Krishnam, the Peetadhishwar of Shri Kalki Dham, presided over the meeting, which saw the formation of various committees to handle different aspects of the ceremony, including accommodation for the expected influx of guests.

Invitations have been extended to prominent figures like the Chief Minister of Uttar Pradesh and leaders of various political parties, underscoring the anticipated significance of the event.

While details about the specific nature of the Shri Kalki Dham complex remain limited, its potential scale and the involvement of high-profile individuals suggest it could become a major religious and cultural center in the region.

Prime Minister Modi’s decision to lay the foundation stone lends further weight to the project and highlights its potential impact. His presence is likely to attract even more attention and support for the initiative.