Enough is Enough: The Disgusting Misogyny Aimed at Kangana Ranaut

Kangana Ranaut, a Bollywood Actress, who has graced cinema screens for over 20 years, has recently become the target of vicious and misogynistic attacks online, after she was given Lok Sabha Ticket from Mandi, Himachal Pradesh. These deplorable comments are not just hurtful, they represent a wider issue of online abuse directed at women. We must come together to condemn this behavior and create a safer online space for all.

The National Commission for Women (NCW) has announced that they will be writing to the Election Commission of India regarding Congress spokesperson Supriya Shrinate’s recent derogatory comments towards actor Kangana Ranaut.

NCW chief Rekha Sharma said the women rights body will be reaching out to the Election Commission in this regard. The BJP has also demanded the immediate dismissal of Shrinate over the matter.

Ranaut responded to the comments made by Shrinate and several other Congress affiliated individuals, stating “Shame on congress, it’s leaders are insulting women as well as Himachal’s Mandi.” She went on to criticize Shrinate and others for using derogatory language and objectifying women in their statements.

The specific comment made by Shrinate that sparked outrage referred to Ranaut as a **** which is considered highly offensive term used to refer to sex workers. When confronted about the comment, Shrinate claimed that her social media accounts were managed by other individuals and attempted to distance herself from the statement. However, many have pointed out that Shrinate serves as the head of Congress’s social media efforts, including all digital platforms, leading to further criticism of her response.

Additionally, questions have been raised about why Shrinate chose to tag Dhruv Rathi in her original post targeting Ranaut, suggesting that his loyalties may lie with Shrinate and the Congress party.

This incident at the same time when senior journalist, Mrinal Pande, was widely criticized for making similar inappropriate comments about Ranaut on twitter. Pande is a veteran TV personality, journalist, and author, but her remarks were still seen as highly disrespectful and degrading towards women.

This isn’t just about Kangana. This is about every woman who has ever been subjected to online abuse. The internet, a powerful tool for connection and creativity, has also become a breeding ground for harassment and hate speech. Women, disproportionately targeted, are forced to navigate this landscape while facing a constant barrage of negativity.