Bihar girl Kajal is National junior carrom champ

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Dehradun, January 2, 2011: Last year’s runner-up Abdul Rehman of Uttar Pradesh stunned defending champion K Sriniwas of Hyderabad 13-12, 21-8 to clinch the boys singles title of the 39th Junior National and inter-state carrom championship at Agarwal Dharmshala here.

In a play off match, Mohd Hassan (Chandigarh) defeated Mohd Danish of Delhi 21-5, 13-8 to claim the third spot.

Last year’s runner-up and current Sub Junior champion Kajal Kumari of Bihar captured the girls’ tile defeating M Kanagdhara of Tamil Nadu 21-9, 21-0.

Defending champion Dipika Sinha of Bihar lost her play off match against P Jayashree of Tamil Nadu 6-21, 21-5, 12-21 and got the fourth place.

Khushboo Kumari of Jharkhand defeated K Karn of Bihar 21-3, 21-6 in the final of Youth girls singles. Kamna Gupta of UP earned the third place beating A Swathi of Hyderabad 21-0, 21-0.

Results: Boys’ singles : 3rd & 4th Place- Mohd. Hassan (Chandigarh) bt Mohd. Danish (Delhi) 21-5, 13-8; 5th & 6th Place- Akash Goel (Maharashtra) bt Ansari Naeem Akhtar (Maharashtra) 9-5, 19-13.

7th & 8th Place – Naresh (Hyderabad) bt. Mohd. Talib (Chandigarh)

Semifinals – K Srinivas of Hyderabad defeated Mohd Danish (Delhi) 11-8, 21-2 and Abdul Rehman UP defeated Mohd Hassan (Chandigarh) 16-8, 21-2.

Quarterfinals: K Srinivas (Hyderabad) defeated Akash Goel (Maharastra) 18-2, 7-21, 21-0; Mohd Danish (Delhi) defeated Mohd Talib (Chandigarh) 15-10, 21-10; Mohd Hassan (Chandigarh) defeated Ansari Naeem Akhtar (Maharashtra) 18-14, 3-14, 21-11; and Abdul Rehman (UP) defeated U. Naresh (Hyderabad) 7-20, 13-11, 21-6.

Girls’ singles : 3rd & 4th Place- P Jayashree (TN) bt Dipika Sinha (Bihar)at 21-0, 5-21.

5th & 6th Place- Tuba (Chandigarh bt Farheen (Chandigarh) 21-0, 21-0.

7th & 8th Place- Archana (Bihar) bt R Vinitha (Tamil Nadu) 16-18, 21-0.

Semifinals: M Kanagdhara (T.N.) defeated defending Champion Dipika Sinha (Bihar) 13-7, 1-19, 21-7 and Kajal Kumari (Bihar) defeated P Jayashree (TN) 16-14, 19-11.

Quarterfinals: Dipika Sinha (Bihar) bt Tuba (Chandigarh) 17-11, 11-20, 18-6; M. Kanagdhara (TN) bt Archana (Bihar) 14-0, 11-13. 21-4; P Jayashree (TN) bt Farheen (Chandigarh) at 14-13, 9-19, 10-09; and Kajal Kumari (Bihar) bt. R. Vinitha at 21-0, 14-7.

Youth boys’ singles: 3rd & 4th Place V Akash (Orissa) bt Mohd. Salman (Delhi) 2-18, 21-07, 14-12.

Semifinals: Mohd. Ghufran (UP) defeated Md Salman (Delhi) 21-9, 21-3 and S.K. Wasim (Vid) defeated V Akash (Goa) 14-10, 21-1.

Quarterfinals: Mohd Ghufran (UP) bt S Romendra Singh (Manipur) 21-5, 12-5; Salman (Delhi) bt Nikul Kakde (Maharashtra) 21-9, 21-9; V Akash (Orissa) bt Manish Jaiswal (Bihar) 0-21, 19-5, 17-16; and SK Wasim (Vidarbha) bt Raj Kumar (Chandigarh) 21-5, 21-5.

Youth girls’ singles : 3rd & 4th Place- Kamna Gupta (UP) bt A. Swathi (Hyderabad) 21-0, 20-3.

Semifinal: K Karn (Bihar) defeated A Swathi (Hyderabad) 15-12, 21-6; and Khushboo Kumari (Jharkhand) bt Kamna Gupta (UP) 17-6, 21-5.

Quarterfinals: K Karn (Bihar) bt Kudrat (Chandigarh –Defending National Champion) 20-5, 21-10; A. Swathi (Hyderabad) bt B Sudha Rani (Andhra) 17-2, 18-10; Khushboo Kumari (Jharkhand) bt. Chaitali Harizan (Goa) 21-0, 21-0; and Last year runner-up Kamna Gupta (UP) bt. L. Shreya Devi (Manipur) 21-0, 21-0.

Later, president of Uttaranchal State Carrom Association, Anil Goel and SK Sharma, general secretary of All India Carrom Federation gave away the prizes.

Press release from All India Carrom Federation

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