Bihar Day to be celebrated in seven countries

Reflecting Bihar’s changing image, the much publicised ‘Bihar Divas’ (Bihar Day) is set to be celebrated March 22 on a grand scale not only in the state but also away from home, including in New Delhi and seven foreign countries.

Preparations are in full swing here to observe the day, with the state administration busy to make it a memorable one, an official said Tuesday.

The British carved Bihar out of the Bengal presidency March 22, 1912.

A brain child of Chief Minister Nitish Kumar, the first Bihar Day was celebrated in 2010.

Satyajit Singh, an official of Bihar Foundation, said that Bihar Day would be celebrated this year in the US, Britain, Australia, Canada, Bahrain, Qatar, and the UAE.

The Bihar Foundation chapters in the seven countries will organise the celebrations, Singh said.

Bihar Foundation is a single window system of the state government to interact with Non Resident Biharis around the world.

‘This year Bihar Divas celebration abroad will showcase the state’s rich history, culture and potential,’ Singh told.According to him, traditional Bihari food will be part of the celebrations abroad.

‘People there can enjoy our popular litti-chokha of Bhojpur, khaja of Silao, khowa-lai of Barh and anarsa and tilkut of Gaya,’ Singh said.

In India the foundation’s chapters in Mumbai, Chennai, Kolkata and Bangalore will organise the festivities.

The state government has already announced it would celebrate Bihar Day on a grand scale in the national capital New Delhi.

In Patna, thousands of people are expected to gather at the historic Gandhi Maidan for the celebrations from march 22-24, an official from the department of art, culture and youth affairs said.

March 22 has been declared a public holiday in the state.

A mega set to display Bihar’s heritage is being designed by well-known Mumbai-based designer Umesh Kumar Sharma, the official said.

A Bhojpuri film festival, theatre festival and street plays are among the programmes planned in Patna.

The chief minister has said the celebration was planned to help advertise Bihar.

Nitish Kumar will kick-start the celebrations March 22 by floating 99 lamps to mark the 99th anniversary of Bihar.

Kumar has declared that the state will mark its centenary in 2012 with programmes throughout the year.