Pakistani Hindus arrive in India amid Fear and Uncertainty

The Introdus of Pakistani Hindus is continuing in India. Recently a batch of  118 Pakistani Hindus arrived in India on board the Samjhauta Express with a fear on their faces and reluctant to return back amid atrocities and forced conversion.

Though most of the people arriving from Pakistan remained tight-lipped about their stay and future in India, some of them said that they were not sure whether they will return to Pakistan.

The Pakistani Hindus are under a cloud of fear following recent incidents of being forced to convert to Islam by Islamists in Pakistan. The Pakistani Hindus have complained that they were being subjected to threats, kidnappings and murders for refusing to convert to Islam.

“We have still not decided whether we will go back or stay here,” said Anil Kumar, who arrived Thursday with his family.

Authorities in Pakistan have been forcing Hindus there, who are coming to India, to sign documents assuring that they (Hindus) will return to Pakistan.