Bihar gears up for a disastrous Flood this Year

Bihar FloodPatna: A major Flood is expected in Bihar this year. There has been a steep rise in the level of Water in various rivers passing through state. Monsoon too has shown intensity in the Northern areas of Bihar this year, while there has been incessant rain in Himalayas. Since most of the major rivers passing through Bihar like, Ganga, Kosi, Gandak, Baghmati, Punpun are of Himalayan origin, a major flood is expected this year.

The Government has directed all Flood-Prone District Officials to stay alert and make necessary arrangements to provide emergency relief and rescue.

Bihar CM Nitish Kumar yesterday held a video conferencing with the magistrates of all 38 districts to review the preparation made by them in case of any Flood.

The Government has already identified the areas most affected by Flood in all districts.

The Secretary of Disaster Management Department, Vyasji has directed all DMs to purchase necessary items like Polythenes, PAckets, Tents and food items for distribution during the Relief Operations.