Bihar records Lowest Suicide Rate among all States of India

Suicide PillsPeople of Bihar has another reason to smile. Suicide Figures released by National Crime Records Bureau indicates that Bihar has lowest Suicide Rate among all States of the Country.

The List starts with Sikkim, which has the highest suicide Rate, followed by Tamil Nadu and Kerala. For the year 2012, the suicide rate in Sikkim was 29.1 per One Lakh people every year, for Tamil Nadu it was 24.9, while for Kerala it was 24.3.

The Suicide Rate in Bihar has been estimated to be 0.8 which is much lower than the National Average of 11.2

If Union Territories are taken into account, only Lakshadweep comes after Bihar, with Suicide Rate of 0.0

Comparing the of Suicide Cases reported in various states, West Bengal has the largest share of 12.2% followed by Tamil Nadu and Maharashtra (11.8) and Andhra Pradesh (11.1).

The Statistics also shows that Suicide is committed mostly by those who are self employed. 38.3% of Suicide Victims were Self Employed while only 7.7 % were Unemployed.

It also suggests that Women have less tendency to commit suicide compared to Men.

For Men, the number of Suicide cases is highest among the age group of 30-44, while for Women mostly commit suicide in the age group of 15-29