A Website which sells Onions for Rs. 9 per Kg only !

While the price of Onion in India has been skyrocketing to over Rs 70/kg, Groupon India, a Daily Deal offering Website has announced that it would sell Onions at Rs 9 per Kg, in a sharp contrast to the market price of Rs 70-80 per Kg.

Groupon would deliver the Onions to doorstep in over 78 Cities of India within 10 days at no extra charge. The offer started today at 1PM and more than 500 orders were made within 1 hour.


Groupon plans to sell Onion at Rs. 9 per kg only

According to Groupon India CEO Ankur Warikoo,  “It is a very simple deal. We are a deal site and in current situation where onions prices are skyrocketing we are offering onions at Rs 9 per kg. The onions will be home delivered to buyers”.

Groupon has partnered with major Onion sellers in Delhi and it plans to sell 21000 kg on Onion in next 7 days, with a maximum of 3000 kg per day.

However, Analysts see it more as a Customer Acquisition drive rather than a deal because of several restrictions imposed here.

For e.g. this offer would be available to registered users of the site only. Each registered user will be limited to one kilogram of onions only. It may take upto 10 days to deliver the Onion. The company plans to increase its user base by 20,000 using this strategy.