Indian Mujahideen plotted the Serial Bomb Blasts in Patna

The Serial Bomb blasts in Patna on Oct 27, which took away 6 lives and injured more than 100 was a plot by terror outfit Indian Mujahideen, according to preliminary investigation conducted by NIA and State Police of Bihar and Jharkhand.

Smoke coming out at Bomb Explosion site during Hunkaar Rally

Smoke coming out at Bomb Explosion site during Hunkaar Rally at Patna

Police have detained four operatives of the outfit in Patna one of whom succumbed to the injuries in the blasts. Their names are Imtiaz Ansari, Ainul, Akhtar and Kaleem. Ainul was the one who tried to plant the bomb inside the Toilet of Patna Junction Railway Station, but was injured as Bomb exploded prematurely. He was initially believed to be a victim and taken to PMCH, but was later identified as a perpetrator.

Imtiaz Ansari was on the spot, and was apparently planning to plant some more bombs but panicked when he saw the police and bomb disposal squad at Railway Station. He tried to flee but was arrested by Police.  Ansari is a resident of Ranchi and based based on the inputs provided by him, 3 more people were detained by Jharkhand Police in Dhurva Area of Ranchi last night.

During interrogation, they reportedly told the police that they had staged the attack in retaliation for the Muzaffarnagar riots. They also provided key information about  IM’s involvement in  Bodh Gaya blasts.

The Details of the Bomb Blasts are as follows

  1. 9: 30 AM at Sulabh Sauchalaya
  2. 9:30 AM at Patna Junction Platform 10
  3. 11:40 AM near Udyog Bhawan
  4. 12:05 PM . Near eastern side of Regent Cinema
  5. 12:10 PM Near Mahatma Gandhi Statue at Gandhi Maidan
  6. 12:15 PM Near Twin Towers of Southern Periphery of Gandhi Maidan
  7. 12:20 PM Near State Bank of India (west Gandhi Maidan)
  8. 12:25PM Near Children’s Park (North-western side)
  9. 05:15PM Inside Gandhi Maidan


Few of those bombs were kept inside shallow pits in Gandhi Maidan, while one live was found just below the dais where Narendra Modi had spoken in the rally.