Miss Russia Elmira Abdrazakova faces Racial Abuse over her Nationality

Miss Russia 2013  Elmira Abdrazakova who would represent the Nation at Miss Universe 2013 Competition to be held at Moscow in November, has become the latest victim of Racial Abuse. Last month, Miss America Nina Davuluri was too targeted due to her Indian Ethnicity.

Some Russians feel that she is not enough Russian to represent the country as she was born in Kazakhstan.Her  father is Tartar, which is an ethnic minority in Russia.

Ever since she was crowned in March, she has been abused by Trolls on Social Media over her ethnicity and nationality.  She had to  remove her page on the popular social network VKontakte, after excessive abuse.

The issue intensified in October after recent riots in Moscow in which over 1200 Migrant workers (mainly Muslims) were targeted by Ultra-Nationalists.

The Brown haired, Elmira Abdrazakova currently studies in the Siberian Railway University and would take on contestants from 87 countries on 9 November during Miss Universe Beauty Pageant 2013.

She explains about her nationality,  “My mother is Russian and Tatar father, but we have a multicultural country, I do not see anything in this crime. Also, the second runner-up was Irene and she is not quite Russian. We live in 21st century and this should be treated fairly loyal “, she was quoted saying by a local daily.

Though she has kept away from Social Media due to these abuses yet she is not taking them seriously. “It’s nice that there are some positive reviews, but there are also negative. But, in my opinion, without it anywhere. I really get away from it all, even the pleasure that I generally someone interesting that someone does thinks of me and trying to write something, even distorted information ” she said to RIA Novosti.

“The nationality question – I don’t really understand it. I don’t understand why men would write offensive things to a young girl about her nationality,” she told Sky News at the time. “It was bizarre for me when men were writing things like that to me. I was surprised we have people of that sort here.”