Burger King to open outlets in Crimea after rival McDonald’s exit

Sevastopol: Burger King Russia has announced it would open restaurants in Crimea after exit of its rival McDonald’s from the peninsula, the media reported.

“We are planning to open in Crimea, but I cannot say when exactly it will happen or how many outlets the company will have,” ITAR-TASS quoted Burger King Russia CEO Dmitry Medovy as saying Wednesday.

Burger King currently has around 200 restaurants in Russia. The global chain of fast food restaurants sensed an opportunity after its rival’s departure after Crimea and Sevastopol seceded from Ukraine and joined the Russian Federation, according to The Independent.

McDonald’s closed its restaurants in Simferopol, Sevastopol and Yalta and withdrew from the territory April 4, saying in a statement: “Like many other multi-national companies, McDonald’s is currently evaluating potential business and regulatory implications which may result from the evolving situation in Crimea.”

“Due to the suspension of necessary financial and banking services, we have no option but to close our three restaurants in Crimea,” it added.