US Police issues warnings for Google Glass Users over Muggery

New York: The early birds who bought $1,500 (Rs.90,000) wearable eyewear Google Glass that was sold for one day in the US last week are facing street violence from muggers and privacy campaigners.

According to a spokesperson for the San Francisco Police Department, street robbers are targeting Google Glass because it could be resold quickly.

Also, people protesting against the wearable device saying it affects their privacy, have ripped the glasses from the faces of those wearing them in public, a report in The Sunday Times said.

According to the report, a local journalist Kyle Russell lost his Google Glass when protesters during an anti-Google demonstration in San Francisco snatched Google eyewear and smashed it to the ground.

Another Glass lover Sarah Slocum was quoted as saying that her device was snatched off from her face in a bar by two women “who said techies like me are destroying the city (San Francisco)”.

Google, however, has requested its users to employ common sense when wearing Glass as the device is yet to have a tracking device if stolen.

Police have also warned the Glass wearers to watch out for muggers.