Kosovo to hold parliamentary polls  on 8 June 2014

First Published by IANS on 9 May, 2014 at 11:13 AM IST under World

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Pristina: A day after the assembly’s dissolution, Kosovo leader Atifete Jahjaga Thursday set June 8 as the date to hold early parliamentary elections.

“Based on consultations with political parties and with the head of Central Election Commission (CEC) and in accordance with my constitutional authorities, I’ve decided to decree early parliamentary elections for June 8,” Xinhua quoted Jahjaga as saying during a press conference.

Jahjaga consulted the head of CEC on the technical possibility for organizing elections due to limited time to the elections date.

Last year local elections got a positive assessment from European Observing mission in terms of fairness and regularities, though the previous ones were characterised with serious irregularities and frauds.

Kosovo is landlocked, bordered by Macedonia to the south, Albania to the west and Montenegro to the northwest; to the north and east, it borders the central part of Serbia, whose government claims the territory of Kosovo as its Autonomous Province of Kosovo and Metohija.

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