Climate scientists call heat wave in India manifestation of extreme weather event

New Delhi, May 30 (ANI): Heat wave continues to have adverse effect in India this year, especially in the southern region of the nation. While the authorities have been trying to downplay the heat wave that has caused more than 1700 deaths across India, saying that the temperature is not as high as it is being portrayed; the environment scientists have different views. The intense heat wave condition could be another manifestation of an extreme weather event, say researchers from the New Delhi-based research and advocacy organisation, Centre for Science and Environment (CSE). Programme Manager at CSE, Arjuna Srinidhi, terms this year’s heat wave a “wake-up call”, warning that the trend will only increase over time if nothing substantial is done regarding it. Ahmedabad, in Gujarat, is the only city that has an action plan ready to combat the heat wave situation. After a heat wave hit Ahmedabad in May 2010, killing over 1,300 people, local authorities mapped areas with ‘high-risk’ populations including slums, as part of an action plan.

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