Green energy lighting soon in Bihar villages

HYDERABAD / PATLIPUTRA — MIC Electronics on Thursday entered into an agreement with Beltron Telecom Green Energy Systems Ltd (BTGES), a subsidiary of Bihar government owned Beltron Telecom (BTL) to provide cost effective, sustainable green energy lighting solutions for distributed off-grid applications in the rural areas of Bihar.

The Hyderabad-based LED technology company will supply 3,30,000 LED lanterns to the BTL for distribution in the rural parts of Bihar. The order, valued at about Rs 66 crore, was signed by BTGES chairman Ramesh Kumar at Hotel Katriya in Hyderabad on Thursday.

The lanterns can be charged through solar power panels independently or through community charging centers. The lanterns can also be charged through the bio-fuel powered generating stations.

MIC said the demand for LED lanterns in Bihar alone is at about 30 million units and it aims to supply about 10 million units to the state in the next three years.

MIC already has an arrangement with Indian Oil (IOC) for distribution of lanterns in about seven states in the country. The oil company uses its outlets in these states to market the product.

“We are planning to enter into a tripartite agreement with Beltron and IOC for distribution of lanterns in Bihar as well,” MV Ramana Rao, MIC’s CMD said.

BTL, promoted by the Government of Bihar, has identified its thrust areas in the field of innovative technological solutions for lighting applications in the rural parts of Bihar through generation of electricity with the help of bio-fuels like paddy husk. BTL is currently participating in a program for popularizing appropriate technologies for energy conservation in the State as a result of which BTGES has been set up for specifically for this purpose of promoting green energy systems.