TCS to revolutionize the Rural Governance in Bihar

PATNA: Three Young Guns under bannership of Tantra Consultancy Services (TCS) are all set to revolutionize the local self governance in the country.They started a pilot project in Narayanpur Village under Hasanpur block of Samastipur District of Bihar,which showed favourable outcome. They target the elected representatives including Mukhiyas and train them about new growing economy and skills required to develop villages at the grassroots level.Each group of Mukhiya is assigned a mentor under the so called Mukhiya Buddy System

Recently, three young friends launched a nationwide innovative and sustainable social venture -‘Leadership and Learning Programme for Panchayati Raj Institutions (PRIs) – which started in Bihar. This is in line to enable the elected members to get equipped with the basic administrative, financial management, leadership and behavioral skills.They also tried to explain the importance of Gram Sabha and conducted a mock Gram Sabha to show how to handle the problems of villagers more effectively. Training was executed in a practitioner-oriented manner by showcasing the case studies and involving everyone in group activities etc.
“We dont charge anything for this training and soon we will try to make it sustainable by helping the elected members to work and promote small-scale industries in villages,” they said.

One of the members of TCS , Anis Bari who hails from Bihar will showcase his latest Bihar experiment before a panel of experts of the Harvard Business School next week in Manila. Bari recently quit his job as Software Engineer at Hewlett Packard, Bangalore

“I always wanted to do things a bit differently and not the same monotonous bug fixing,” he said. He dreams to create his own identity and wanted to do something to contribute to the economy of state and country