Aligarh Muslim University Center further delayed in Bihar

Kishanganj: Aligarh Muslim University, which was to setup its center at Kishanganj, is still waiting for the required resources. According to AMU, they require 250-300 acres of land at one place, but Government has provided them 250 acres in three chunks near Bahadurganj-Thakurganj road, which are separated by distances of 5-6 kilometers.

There seems to be a tussle between Government and the AMU administration which is further delaying the project.AMU had asked land in Katihar, while the government made the land available in Kishanganj.
Government claims that AMU administration has not obtained the required sanction from President Pratibha Patil, who is visitor of the university.

These diplomatic processes are badly affecting the fate of students who wished to study in a high class institution.The entire project has already been delayed by 3-4 years and if the symptoms continue, it would require another 4-5 years before AMU becomes operative in Bihar

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