Bihar starts Adventure Water Sports Facility at Ganga

Surface Water Sports PatnaPatna has become the first center of  Adventure water sports in Bihar. With the inauguration of Surface water sports facility at Gandhi Ghat Patna, the state has entered into the pride league of very few states in India where Surface Water aquatics is available. This includes Goa, Maharashtra, Pondicherry and Karnataka.

This will not only provide an opportunity for Patnaites to enjoy the fun of adventure at their home, but also  boost the eco tourism in Bihar.
Arrangements have been made for Two-Seat Jet skiing bike, six-seat water boat, towable inflatable rubber rafts and oxygen-filled water ball. All the equipments have been tested successfully at Sea in Mumbai and have been declared safe by BSTDC. This facility has been developed on public private partnership with Bihar State Tourism Development Corporation (BSTDC) and Royale Water Sports (RWS). The Charges for these are moderate compared to other places like Goa and Mumbai.This service is available from 9 AM to 6 PM everyday.

Water Biking Patna

Water Biking in Patna

A 20-minute ride on water boat for six persons will cost Rs 150 each. The 75-HP boat can have an amazing speed of 75km per hour. For Kawasaki Jet skiing bike, which has a 1400cc engine, a single adventurer will have to pay Rs 200 for five-minute ride. In three minutes, the Kawasaki bike will cover an area of around 10 kms. Only two persons can enjoy the ride at a time. Both the bike and the boat will be operated by trained drivers. Untrained visitors are not be allowed to drive them

Apart from it, four types of towable and inflatable rubber rafts which will be tied to boats are also available for visitors. A single ride on any of them will cost Rs 150 each.

The last exotic item which has been brought here is water ball. It is a 10-foot radius ultra-transparent ball which is filled with oxygen. At a time one or two persons are put into it and the ball is left in the water. The rubber ball rolls due to swirls and people enjoy a tumultuous ride. The ball remains tied to a point in the water and does not get adrift.
Proper security arrangements have been made and rescue team has been prepared to meet any such incident.Life Jackets is a must for anyone wishing to drive.