Nalanda International University runs into trouble due to bureaucracy

Nobel Prize Winner Amartya Sen has expressed his grief over the bureaucratic control that is preventing speedy establishment of Nalanda International University. Expressing his concern he said that Institutions should be given autonomous powers to inculcate a better ecosystem of education and research in the country.

This is seen as a big blow to the much awaited Nalanda International University which has started getting international attention and funds.Dr Sen who chairs the Governing Board of the University said that, getting funds released is a major hurdle in the overall process.
Explanations for bureaucratic queries take a lot of time, he said, while speaking at an open session at New Delhi on “Nalanda University: A 21st Century University: Re-Calling the Past” .

Nalanda University is one of the dream projects of the present CM Nitish Kumar and it seems that bureaucrats are not willing to let him pursue the dream.
He described Nalanda as the university of “Bihar, India, Asia and the globe,” and said that admission process would start as soon as the funds were released to enable appointment of the faculty.

He was also concerned about the fact that despite having so much talent Indian Varsities are not represented in top 200 in world.This he attributed to the standards of education and assured that it will be strictly followed at Nalanda.

Another member of Governing body Prof. Saugata Sen, that something was missing which failed to translate individual talent to administrative ability. There is a need to strike a balance between research and teaching”