KBC Winner Sushil relocates to Delhi for study

KBC Winner from Bihar Sushil Kumar has decided not to change his lifestyle even after winning Rs 5 Crores in the show.The Bihari lad from Motihari has decided to continue with his middle class lifestyle, but would relocate to Delhi for further studies.
Sushil aims to UPSC exams and would continue to prepare for it.His wife would also continue to stay at the home town and focus on her further academics.

“I will be coming to Delhi to ensure I get the right atmosphere and have access to right books and study material to do well in UPSC exams. And I will be staying with my friends and relatives in Mukherjee Nagar. Aur jitna kiraya wohh log dete honge, utna hi hum denge. Aisa nahin hai ki game show jeetne ke baad fizool ke kharche karoon. I hope, my landlord doesn’t charge me more money just because I won “KBC”,” says Sushil.

So is this shift permanent? “I have no plans to shift to any big city as I want to stay with my family in Motihari. My immediate plan is to construct a new house for my family, not at any other location, but where we’re staying currently.”