Matuknath to go on Fast unto Death from today

Prof. Matuknath with JulieRemember Dr. Matuknath Chowdhary, the Love Guru Professor from Patna University who has been discontinued from his service due to his Love Affairs with one of his students has finally decided to go for Fast Unto Death due to grave injustice shown by the Government and the University towards him.
In a Facebook Note, Matuknath says that he would go for fast from 11 AM on 21st November at Kargil Chowk, near Gandhi Maidan, Patna.
His appeal for Justice has been pending for 3 years at University and for more than 2 years at Governor’s Office.

The 58-year-old professor from B N College was dismissed from service in 2006 after and his relationship with his student-girlfriend Julie. A series of incidents led to his wife beating up his girl friend Julie, who is barely 25, after she found them together. The poor professor’s face was blackened publicly and the entire nation watched it on most of the channels. He was taken to police station.They however remained adamant of their love in spite of the social and media critisizm faced by them. He parallely received praises from several sections of society especially youth, who gave a divine status to his Love. On Return to his college, he was greeted heartily by his students.

After prolonged Media attention, the college administration felt that his fame could bring dis-reputation to the college and University following which he was suspended from the Service and was subsequently dismissed. He has been fighting his battle for justice since then.

In his note, Matuk nath reveals that he has appealed several times to the Hon’ble Governor for looking into his case but it was neglected. It was only after Patna High-Court intervened that his case was considered for hearing by the Governor’s Office. In May, after a hearing, Hon’ble Governor critisized Patna University for Illegal action taken against him, however no action was taken. Since then he has been appealing Governor for further action, but could not get justice. Prof. Chowdhary claims to have suffered from both mental and financial harassment severely.

After being inspired by Anna Hazare, he has chosen to protest non-violently and has appealed all his supporters not to resort to violence under any condition. Online World has shown grave solidarity towards Matuknath and has been supporting for his justice.