Shortage of Biharis halts development in the country

Recent Development activities in Bihar have parallely caused a shortage of semi-skilled laborers in other parts of the country.In past few years the migration of laborers to different parts of the country has fallen by one-third causing an upsurge in the demand of such laborers.

It is worth noting that the budget expenditure of Bihar Government has increased by 33% in past 1 year to Rs 24,000 crores. This is utilized in construction of roads, hospitals,schools and other infrastructures, providing employment opportunities to huge number of people in the state.
In addition to this, there has been tremendous private investment in various sectors of state economy where the people of Bihar are getting in-house employment.

From social point of view, this is seen as the retaliation to the war waged against Bihari migrants in several parts of the country for e.g. Maharashtra.

It has been reported that the construction activities in big cities are suffering from acute labor shortage in spite of wage hike to the tune of 30-40 percent. This is directly impacting the development activities in other parts of the country. The local labor population in those places is inadequate to meet the work demand.

Statistics suggest that Bihari migrants constituted of about 50% of the total migrant labourers in the country which has fallen down to 40 percent recently.