Arvind Kejriwal fails to cast his vote in UP Polls

arvind kejriwalArvind Kejriwal, key aide of Anna Hazare could not cast his vote at Ghaziabad. Initially he tried to leave for Goa without casting votes, but upon some protests he decided to vote. However he could not exercise his franchise as his name was missing from the electoral rolls.

Kejriwal was expected to cast his vote at a polling station in Indirapuram area, but he left in the morning for Delhi to catch a flight for Goa. However, some persons protested against his action which prompted Kejriwal to return to the polling booth. However, his name was missing in the voters’ list.
“I have a voters identity card. My name was in the voters’ list on the earlier occasions,” he said.

Some voters who were inconvenienced by the media glare on Kejriwal outside the polling booth also shouted slogans. Asked about him initially deciding not to cast his votes, Kejriwal said the Team Anna programme in Goa was finalised a month ago and at that time, they did not realise that the voting day and campaigning programme would clash.