Patna Marathon likely in later half this year

patna marathon mascotPatna Marathon which was postponed for indefinite period will take place around September – October, at least  in the second half of this year.

Patna Marathon CEO, Atul Kumar said, “We are planning to organize the event in the second half of the year,” he said. The event was postponed for an indefinite period on February 23, causing a huge loss to the organizers.

The Event was postponed due to unavoidable reasons of board exams “Examinations are taking place in the city. Organizing the event was rather challenging in this backdrop. I think this is why the district administration didn’t allow us to go ahead,” said Kumar.

A letter from Patna DM had informed the organizers that holding the event, as planned, was difficult due to administrative reasons.

The marathon was originally scheduled to take place on February 19 along with ‘Global Summit on Changing Bihar’. Its date, however, was extended to February 26 due to security reasons as various dignitaries were to attend the global summit.

They have already started refunding the money back to participants.