Kerala firm develops application for detecting Dam Fissures automatically

A Kerala based firm has developed a augmented reality siren (ARS) which can be used for Detecting Cracks in Rail Lines, dam fissures  and also at sea. Schogini Systems Pvt Ltd, a Technopark-based IT firm, has successfully developed and tested this application.

Schogini Systems CEO Gayatri S. Ajith told IANS: “We have developed this product for a client in the US. It is a combination of software and hardware, working on the principle of image processing.”

“The device will be demonstrated at the ongoing Surakshayanam International Workshop and Exhibition 2012 being held here. It consists of a camera that is used in mobile phones, a web-based remote sensor and a siren that goes off if a distortion takes place at the end where the camera is mounted,” said Gayatri.

Schogini Systems managing director Sreeprakash Neelakantan said that this product can be put to use at unmanned level crossings and even on the high seas to track ships that cause problems for small fishing boats.

“When a train approaches a level crossing, the ARS detects this and sends a signal so that the gates can be closed by remote. If a camera is mounted on a small boat, the siren, which is placed on shore will get activated if there is a hit-and-run incident,” he said referring to the episode earlier this month in which three fishermen were killed when their boat was hit by a cargo vessel.

The IT firm has recently made giant strides in mobile applications.
It has more than 450 mobile applications and accounts for a daily download of more than 3,000.

Currently one of Schogini’s 3D applications called 3D Globe is ranked 12th in the Indian iTunes market.