Did Albert Einstein starve his Wife for Sex ?

Albert Einstein

Albert Einstein

While the world knows Albert Einstein for his theory of general relativity which effected a revolution in physics, a book has revealed the genius expected his wife to abide by a cruel list of rules which included sex ban.

Einstein barred Mileva Maric from sitting with him or going out together – and even ordered to “stop talking to me if I request it”, The Sun reported.

He made clear that sex was a no-no saying: “You will not expect intimacy from me.”

The list revealed in Einstein: His Life and Universe states that he insisted she tidied his study, did his laundry and gave him “three meals regularly”.

These were his conditions for them to stay together for the sake of sons Hans and Eduard as their 11-year marriage foundered in 1914.

Within months, his fed-up Serbian missus, 39, fled Berlin with the kids for Zurich and had a breakdown. They divorced in 1919.

Einstein, famed for his E=MC2 theory, later wed cousin Elsa and died in 1955, aged 76.