Anna Hazare writes a strong letter to Arvind Kejriwal over extra Expenditure

Anna Hazare has written a strong letter to his colleague and Member of IAC Arvind Kejriwal regarding the money collected on his name, in which he pressed for more transparency in the donations received and the expenditure. He even called for austerity measures reducing unnecessary expenditure from the budget,

In this letter Anna  says, ” After Aug 16th, the core committee has met many times, but I  am also not aware, so how will the committee or the public understand? I am not happy with the current state, and upon asking questions, it is said that allegations are being made. This is not correct“.

Kejriwals NGO, PCRF, which is collecting all the funds is spending too much of the peoples money on PCRF’s staff and it’s activities. No details of funds collected or expenses incurred has been provided to Anna or the Core Committee. Only the Audit report is not enough. Even 5 rupees spent must be put in front of the Core Committee. Expenditure must happen only where necessary, but to spend money where it is not needed is not correct.

Anna  also asked that the peoples money must be spent with great care. A budget of future expenses needs to be created. Improvements must be made in all of the above.