Indian Women preferring Career over Motherhood

women on phoneA majority of young married working women in Indian metropolices are choosing career over family as they are in no mood to raise kids, a survey released here Thursday said.

About 1,200 married, working women without children in the age group of 24-30 in Delhi, Mumbai, Bangalore and other major cities were interviewed by the Associated Chambers of Commerce and Industry of India (Assocham) during March and April.

While Mumbai topped the survey, Bangalore came in second followed by Delhi.

“Over 650 of the working women said that they won’t be starting a family anytime soon as career advancement and higher education was their priority, which they couldn’t sacrifice to raise kids,” said the survey.

Another 200 respondents were of the view that pregnancy would spoil their physical appearance while around 70 considered themselves too young to be a mother.

However, about 220 respondents had no qualms in becoming mothers as it would make them feel happier, and were not fearful of the effect motherhood might have on their career.

The remaining candidates wanted to accumulate enough wealth before they started a family.

The survey also included interview of about 800 stay-at-home mothers and 40 percent of them said that it was better to raise their kids at home rather than pay a bomb at day care units.

Besides, a majority of them said they were proud of choosing motherhood over work as it would lead to comprehensive development of their wards during the pre-school years.

About 35 percent said they had sacrificed their social life to raise their kids while 25 percent said they regretted not being able to work, tangled as they were in managing their houses and kids.