Kerala Firm taking Intelligent Gaming to new horizons

Schogini Systems, a Technopark IT firm, is trying to wean young minds from blood-thirsty computer games to intelligent gaming.

Schogini Systems has charted out this strategy of intelligent gaming as a commitment towards the teenagers and young people who are reading less and spending more time before computers or on mobile phones.

As part of the firm’s strategy, FIDE (World Chess Federation) ranked chess player Mohammed Salih, Schogini’s brand ambassador, will challenge laser game Khet’s inventor Luke Hooper to a game at the Technopark campus here.

Khet is an abstract strategy board game using lasers, where players take turns to move Egyptian-themed pieces around the playing field, and fire their low-powered laser diode after each move. Most of the pieces are mirrored on one or more sides, allowing the players to alter the path of the laser through the playing field.

The laser game Khet 2.0 was a Toy of the Year finalist, Mensa Select award winner and was featured in Wired magazine in 2011.

Schogini has also created the mobile version of Khet for iPhone, iPad, Android and Windows Phone.

N. Sree Prakash, managing director, Schogini Systems, said technology is advancing at an alarming rate.

“With smart phones being more popular these days, it is no longer about making or receiving calls or SMS. Instead of blaming technology for youngsters staying glued to their mobile phones or laptops, we should find ways to tap its potential to bring back the youngsters from all pitfalls of technology,” said Prakash.

Schogini has also partnered with Don Dailey, Larry Kaufman and Luke Hooper to implement Komodo 4, a top rated chess engine AI (artificial intelligence).

In the company’s efforts to empower the blind, Schogini will also showcase the Talking Chess Board, Talking Chess Application (Apps), Talking Khet Apps, Colouring Apps and Seeing Apps.

In less than two years, Schogini Systems has made giant strides in mobile applications. Starting with just six, they have touched 46 professionals in the past few months.