Man burns Wife’s Designer Dresses worth 5000 British Pounds

A Man in England  burned 5,000 pounds worth of his wife’s designer gear after she left for Gambia to marry her lover.

Darrell Plews, 44, piled bags, shoes and clothes on the patio. He then torched the lot.

Plews had tried to win back estranged Michelle after she went on holiday to Gambia without him, met a new man and asked for a divorce.

She rejected his pleas to try again and he was given a restraining order. The dad of two flew into a rage after hearing she went back to Gambia to marry.

She was still wed to Plews, of Wakefield, but did not break Gambian laws.

His lawyer Richard Canning told Leeds Crown Court: “He finds it difficult not to see himself as the victim.”

Shop fitter Plews, now divorced, admitted arson and theft. He was jailed for 12 months, suspended for two years, and ordered to pay compensation to Michelle, 35.