Why did Rajesh Khanna sexually exploit Anita Advani ?

Anita AdvaniAnita Advani, the lady love of late actor Rajesh Khanna has accused him of sexually exploiting him at a very tender age. In her complaint filed at Metropolitan Megistrate she claimed that Khanna kissed her when she was only 13 and later made relationship with her.

“Rajesh Khanna had suddenly grabbed and kissed the complainant (Anita). She was too young to understand as she was still a minor and in awe of Rajesh Khanna,” a complaint filed by Advani reads.

She has also demanded Rs 10 lakhs per month as the  Maintenance Amount from Khanna’s Property which is wholly controlled by his wife Dimple Kapadia.

She has also demanded access to his iconic bungalow Aashirwad and claims that the late actor’s estate’s  net worth is around Rs 500 crore.  This is apart from his several bank accounts, jewellery and shares.

Anita Advani is also accusing his estranged wife Dimple Kapadia and elder daughter Twinkle Khanna of taking his thumb impressions on certain documents while he was hospitalized.

Reportedly, Advani has had a 33 year long relationship with Khanna. She also claims to be in possession of videos that shows her sharing intimate moments with Khanna. She is also believed to have the bills that Khanna had incurred while renovating his bungalow ‘Aashirwad’ in Bandra.

It appears that Khanna pursued Anita right from the time they were first introduced, when Anita was just 13 years old.

According to the complaint, Khanna urged Advani to keep their relationship a secret, as it would seriously affect his reputation. Advani was smitten by Khanna, and agreed.

She later moved to Jaipur to complete her education, and tried to put her past behind her, but was unable to. Years later, after returning to Mumbai, she confronted Khanna and demanded to know why he had sexually abused her. Khanna asked her to forgive him and got into a relationship with her.

The complaint states that, in 2000, at a party, Rajesh Khanna and Advani publicly hugged and kissed quite passionately. Rajesh Khanna promised to make the relationship public and Advani clung on to it and rejected marriage proposals.

The actor would pour his heart out to Advani and the two lived together, even after Rajesh Khanna told her that a divorce from Kapadia was not possible. Advani also claims to be in possession of pictures and videos of “very private moments” at Aashirwad. She dressed up as Rajesh Khanna wished and fasted during karva chauth for him, too.

The complaint has been filed against Dimple Kapadia, Twinkle Khanna, Rinkie Khanna and Rajiv Hari Om Bhatia (Akshay Kumar).

Advani’s complaint has also alleged that on June 22 this year, while Khanna lay critically ill in hospital, Dimple and Twinkle arrived with an advocate, identified as Javed Hashmi, along with two doctors and two officials from the registrar’s office. They also brought with them seven or eight security guards.

While Khanna lay in delirium, with swollen limbs and an intravenous drip, they urged him to sign some papers for an ‘urgent legal matter’.

When this failed, they allegedly obtained his thumb impressions on some papers.

In her complaint, Advani narrates how she attempted to film the whole incident on her mobile phone, but was asked to leave by Dimple.

Advani is now seeking Rs 10 lakh as maintenance from Khanna’s property and wants ‘Aashirwad’ to be converted into a museum.

The case is scheduled for a hearing on Tuesday in metropolitan court reports a tabloid.