A Proven Model to Dispose Garbage and Wastes efficiently

We all are facing one serious problem of Garbage. We all are contributors to this problem and blame local municipality as they are responsible to solve this problem. The garbage piles are taking shapes of mountains if you enter Delhi from Karnal side you can see those mountains, almost whole outskirts of Delhi or any metro city is being developed on such type of landfills. The future generations is going to occupy the land i.e our children.

Have you ever thought how can we minimise this problem? Have you tried to take a note what is there in garbage? You will never have courage to stop near the garbage dump and like to have a closer look while passing near to it, because it stinks and is surrounded by flies, mosquitoes and harmful bacteria.

But let me tell give you the idea. Industrial waste+ Institutional waste like Hospitals etc. They are controlled by regulatory bodies but the major contributor is house hold garbage, which is uncontrolled?

Our house hold garbage consists of: Mainly Kitchen waste & polythene bags, plastics, metals, non metals, boxes and paper etc.

The Mantra is Not to dispose everyday the non stinking materials (except decomposing matter).

Why dispose that part of garbage everyday? Which is not troubling you as it is not stinking and will not decompose for years? Keep it separate!! Give to someone who is accepting and selling to those who recycling it.  This will solve problems partially, without getting any help of Govt. nominated bodies. It will not involve extra effort or money; no money will be generated at our end. Let municipality do the remaining job what is doing already, they will not have any objection to it.

How we can do it ?

Kitchen waste, which stinks within no time and you want to get rid of it as soon  as possible, Go ahead! No one stops you..

Stop! Stop! Why are you mixing it with other wastes which are not troubling you as it is not stinking and will not decompose for years? WHY DISPOSE EVERYDAY?

Why not keep it separate and collect it in a big jute bag to be kept in the rear of the house. Dispose when it is full by donating it to some rag pickers who makes his living out of it, at the same time reducing his effort and avoiding his exposure to unhealthy working conditions (I see mainly young girls or boys not even 13 in this category). But it will not be wise for him or for you to collect the smaller lots; it has to be considerable quantity so that next time he will come knocking at your door asking for the collection. I am very much against child labour or this type job and I do not promote it, our country is big and there are too many unemployed, however this will be temporary arrangement since there is no such agency so far which does collect this type of recyclable materials like in developed nations where you will be charged for the service.

Our main culprit in our garbage dumps is polythene bags, plastics, metals, non metals, boxes and paper which is almost two third of the whole pile, it will be easy for the municipality to handle the rest of garbage efficiently.

However, if you really are an ENVIRONMENTALIST,  then there is no need to throw kitchen waste as you can convert it to VERMICOMPOST which is a very good fertilizer for your lawns or flowerpots.

If this message can go to each and every house by NGO’s, Schools, colleges or by social networking. It will do wonders and save lot of National wealth going down the drain or in landfills and creating Garbage Menace.

My In-House Model to save environment

Solid Waste

  • Total kitchen waste+ Garden waste I convert into vermi-compost, I have a pit of 2’x 8’ in my backyard (really it does not stink at all) the fertilizer is used for organic vegetables + lawns.
  • Plastics of all types + all others, I keep in a Jute bag to be disposed every fortnight, believe me it was a real help to our domestic helpers, who were reluctant to so in the beginning, but it is easy for them now, and to the rag picker too, who in kind keeps our area free from poly bags thrown by unknown persons, as we deliver him only on this condition.

Liquid Waste

Bathrooms+ kitchen+ rainwater is collected in a tank which we use for kitchen garden and lawns by pumping. I have separated toilet disposal to a septic tank and then to soak pit.

Power Savings:

I have installed solar water heater , we explore all the possibilities to make use of this free heat we use for bathrooms No geysers. We use preheated water in kitchen. We have washing machine with two water inlets hot and cold, hot one is connected to solar water heater. We have LED and CFLs. We use Fans+ Air coolers for APR –MAY-JUNE. Air conditioners with their outer units are placed in shade and in well air circulated area so that maximum efficiency is obtained as compared to the one placed in the Sun or where air circulation is minimum.

Gas Savings

I have traditional fire place (Chullah) in backyard to take care of wood logs and very small paper and other non plastic materials, which can be recycled, but I am afraid that rag pickers will collect from us and throw at some other place, so to avoid that it is better to produce heat for domestic purposes like water heating etc as LPG is becoming costlier, may be it will save fraction of money , but more important is proper disposal. About ash being produced , we use again on our vegetables it has double action , it protects from pests as well as it acts as a fertilizer.

Green Building

I have made my house using “VASTU” which makes best utilization of Sunlight and Air, hollow walls in South and west, maximum windows and doors in North and east, thus saving on Electricity on account of Light and air-conditioning as you will require very less.

It has health benefits, thus you save on medicals also. I have planted Appox 50 fruit bearing trees and climbers in the south which gives you fruit as well protects you from harsh effects of SUN. I have painted my house and roof top in white, so that minimum heat is absorbed from SUN, and is reflected outwards. I am waiting for Photo Voltaic panels to be cheaper and efficient to clad my house from SOUTH/WEST and top to generate electricity for our use.

About the Author

Rajesh Kumar Jain has been producing ‘Vermicompost’ from cow dung and Apple pomace on large scale Basis and is ready to provide any help in this sector for Public Interest.