The Dirty role of Delhi Police in 5 Year Old Girl Rape Case

A 5-year-old girl was kidnapped and brutally raped for 4 days. However, the Delhi police refused to file a ‘Missing’ complaint when the parents went to the local police station.

4 days later, the girl was discovered by neighbours and admitted to the hospital in a critical condition. A bottle and candles were found inserted into her vagina. She has sustained injuries on her cheeks, lips, neck, and chest.

Shockingly, the Delhi Police refused to file an FIR at this stage and allegedly offered to bribe the parents and advised them NOT to file a complaint.

The incident of the rape sparked protests outside the hospital during which Assistant Commissioner of Police BS Ahlwat slapped a girl protester which left her bleeding in an ear!

The Delhi police has not only repeatedly failed its citizens in doing its duty to stop violence against women, they continue to flagrantly violate the law.

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