Anna Hazare plans fresh Struggle for a Strong Lokpal in November

anna hazare fast at jantar mantar 25MarchSocial Activist Anna Hazare feels betrayed by the present UPA Government which   has failed to keep its promises of bringing in a Solid Lokpal Bill. Angry Anna now plans to strike again, not now but when it hurts most, the election time.

Possibly because of this Anna has scheduled his next stir in November this year when Parliament Elections would be approaching.

Talking to reporters in Allahabad, Anna Hazare said “After the Parliament had passed a resolution in favour of a strong Lokpal Bill, the Prime Minister had given us a written assurance that our concerns would be addressed and a strong and effective ombudsman will be in place. Two years have elapsed since then. This is an act of betrayal on part of the government which is refusing to fulfil its promise to the nation“.

Anna is not frightened of the consequences nor he is disheartened due to failures. “We will not take it lying down. I have decided to launch a fresh stir at the Ramlila ground in Delhi. The date has not been finalised yet, but it would most probably be in October-November. We will compel the insensitive political establishment to pay heed to the voice of the nation“, Anna said while talking to Reporters.