Mahabodhi Temple : CRPF and BMP take over its Security jointly

Bodhgaya: Central Reserve Police Force (CRPF) and Bihar Military Police (BMP) have jointly taken over the security charge of World Famous Mahabodhi Temple, two days after it was the victim of 9 Serial Bombings. Till date the Security was under the private Security guards appointed by Temple Management.

As per the Bodhgaya Temple Management Committee Member Arvind Singh, CRPF and BMP have taken responsibility of the temple security in their hands. BTMC private security guards are assisting them inside the temple.

Now the Visitors will  be allowed inside the temple only after proper frisking.

BTMC comprises of Head of monasteries of Sri Lanka, Myanmar, Tibet and other nations along with the DM of Bodhgaya.

The BTMC member said there has been no let up in the enthusiasm of the visitors to the temple, thousands of whom continue to stand in queue to go inside the temple. “There are more visitors than usual days,” Singh added.

Meanwhile National Investigation Agency today detained four people in this case, one of whom is a woman,

The four people were picked up by the National Investigation Agency (NIA) after police claimed they had checked out of a hotel near the Mahabodhi temple complex at about 6.30 am, just about two hours ater they checked in.

Meanwhile, one Binod Kumar Mistri, who has been detained by the NIA on the basis of his voter I-card found inside the temple during search after the explosions, continues to remain with the NIA.